Friday, April 9

No Brotherly Love For You!

Miserable?  Maybe, but check out THIS skyline.  How ya like them apples now??Forbes came out with a list!

Yeah, "What now?" right?


Their list pulled out the 20 worst, in terms of "factors including unemployment, sales and income tax rates, commute times, violent crime, the performance of pro sports teams, weather and public corruption. "

1. Cleveland, Ohio.
2. Stockton, Calif.
3. Memphis, Tenn.
4. Detroit, Mich.
5. Flint, Mich.
6. Miami, Fla.
7. St. Louis, Mo.
8. Buffalo, N.Y.
9. Canton, Ohio.
10. Chicago, Ill.
11. Modesto, Calif.
12. Akron, Ohio.
13. Kansas City, Mo.
14. Rockford, Ill.
15. Toledo, Ohio.
16. New York, N.Y.
17. Sacramento, Calif.
18. Youngstown, Ohio.
19. Gary, Ind.
20. Philadelphia, Pa.

I love that we made it on this list -- somewhere between 16 (NYC) and 20 (Philly)... So that makes all of us pretty miserable too, I guess!

Well, when I consider being here between New York & Philly, with access to the best media, the best food, and the liveliest people in the world... I'll take being called "MISERABLE" any fricking day of the week, thank you very much!!!


  1. Honolulu needs to be on this list...

  2. I could be wrong but I believe Cleveland Rocks