Monday, March 22


Behind the High Hair...How did I not know this was happening??

Sundays at 10PM on the Style network is another Jersey contribution to the quality TV programming landscape... an intense, dramatic foray into the world of hair. Jersey hair.

Jersey hair WHAT?

That's right folks, the newest contender for reality show royalty has hit your TV: Jerseylicious

Any self-respecting Jersey girl worth her weight in moderate road rage and gold hoop earrings will take the time to watch this show at least once, if not fully embrace the painful truth that we will be sure to witness this season. Because it's all true, and not for nothing, but we Jersey girls can take it, coz that's how we roll.

Here, take a peek:

THEN! "The Dish" & Boy Meets World's Danielle Fishel take on Jerseylicious:

OH NO Topanga. Oh no you didn't.

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