Monday, March 15

How was YOUR weekend??

Uh, miss.  You're spilling your salt.You only need to scroll down a smidge to see just how bad it was this weekend. I took pics.

But truth be told, I didn't have it all too bad.

Granted, it took me three hours to get home from the Target that is 15 minutes away... and because I live in an area that tends to flood a lot, I was not surprised that most of the ways home were detoured or blocked by debris/fallen trees/water.

I did kinda find it alarming as I started crossing off all the possibile routes when I realized I'd have to drive either two towns north and then go south, or go one town south, west, then north, then east. Basically, it was a minor nightmare, but I had gas in the car and an empty bladder.

I did have plans to drive into NYC on Saturday night, and during my three hour drive home from Target, tried to map out all the possibilities of how I'd get there -- no trains, some delays on the Turnpike, etc -- and then finally realized I couldn't get to the intermediary highways. Gave up that plan and stayed home... where we pay-per-viewed the Pacquiao fight and invited some local friends to come over.

AND THEN WE DISCOVERED... we had no cable.

And when you buy one o' them there new fangled cable packages, this also means NO PHONE.

And... brace yourself... Really. Brace yourself.


No, I don't think you understand what this means. We did have power. We had heat. But you can't give me power & heat and leave me WITHOUT INTERNET, especially when there's also NO TV. What kind of cruel combo is that???

I know floods. So don't be jealous that I got off easy this time!!OK, now I know those of you who had it BAD (and I mean, like, move-into-a-hotel kind of bad)... don't you roll your eyes at me.

I am the girl that lives in a flood-friendly place. I have stood in knee-high water in the basement. I have had to air-dry carpets and furniture and boxes on the lawn. Believe you me, I have suffered. And as many of you may recall, I have even been faced with having to convert my car into a watercraft. I think I've done my time.

So, the utter cruelty of having every other creature comfort and not having other forms of digital entertainment was just pure torture.

I did have my Blackberry, so I did have access to phone. But the web browsing experience sucked, to put it plainly. Sometimes I like a lazy landline chat with my best girlfriend. Facebook is enjoyable on a full screen. An angry typer like me accomplishes more email with a full keyboard to bang away at.

So there it is. My story of woe from the weekend.

How about yours? Feel free to share and I challenge everybody to try and one up the previous person.

Obviously whoever goes first will have it easy, since mine was so lame!

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  1. I had scheduled (over a month ago) a post to go up on my blog this morning ... and it was the one about the video you shot while driving down the canal-flooded road in December. Spooky, right? Especially after this past weekend. Insert scary movie music *here*. Just in case you can't find it, I've supplied you with a link *here*: