Friday, February 19

Tiger Woods is Sorry

Hi, my name's Tiger.  And I've screwed up big time.I am such a sucker for a really humiliating apology.

NOW, before you start penning your angry replies, here's my disclaimer: I don't think Tiger Woods should be let off the hook. He did a pretty jerky, unforgiveable thing, at least in my opinion. I feel pretty strongly that he screwed up big time, but I was never much of a golf fan to even really care all that much about this subject.

BUT, all that being said, I gotta say again that I really love a good public apology. Especially one with tears and total awkwardness. Because these moments are what keep me in line. I can't imagine the amount of debilitating humiliation and embarassment that goes through you when you have to humble yourself like that. In public, no less. And the fear of ever experiencing anything like that are what keep people on the straight and narrow, isn't it?

So, my thanks goes out to Tiger Woods, for reminding the rest of us why we don't do bad & selfish things to other people.


The Whole Shebang, if you will:

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