Tuesday, February 9

LOST: The Final Season Saga continues...

So you wanna start watching LOST, do ya?OK, so every episode of Lost during its final season better be juicy morsels of the most incredible TV ever witnessed, or I will demand that ABC offer a monetary compensation for all the time I wasted on this show.

I put that figure at approximately $11,436.75.

Check out Dave's Blog for a preview of tonight's new episode!I was just checking out Dave's blog about Lost theories... a couple spoilers thrown in for good measure. Although, when it comes to this show, any spoiler also doubles as a source of more questions. (He's also got a preview of tonight's episode on there)

Well, theories aside, found these two commercials from the world of Lost... I guess it assumes that the crash never happened, bc Hurley is now that guy in the awesome commercials for Mr. Cluck's Australian chain, and Oceanic Air has a stellar safety record.

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