Monday, February 8

How do you like YOUR coffee? With Chicks in Bikinis of course!

Hot. Frankly, coffee's coffee.

I've always drank it, I'm probably always gonna drink it, and chances are, you are too. And everyone else on the planet. It's one of those things I am pretty sure there will always be a demand for.

And apparently Peek-A-Brew espresso house in Washington state wants to make sure you're getting your coffee fix from them, by also offering up the classic keep-you-coming-back-for-more strategy: chicks in bikinis. Apparently the caffeine addiction alone isn't enough.

Remember my blog about Perky Cups, the Baristas-in-Bikinis place in Colorado? Well check out how Peek-a-Brew is supersizing their scantily clad service... with WEBCAMS of course!!!

From CBS News Online: "While some cities in Washington State are cracking down on the "bikini baristas," one new shop has installed 6 video cameras to stream live on their website."

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