Thursday, January 7

Holly Madison Burns a Bridge, and I'm Sure She Could Care Less.

Holly burns a bridge... I'm sure she could care less.So, I'm gonna say there's no chance Holly Madison & Criss Angel are getting back together.

Check her out on Chelsea Lately:

Well, who knows? Maybe they'll end up back together anyhow? Y'know, like your best girlfriend breaks up with the jerk-off, so suddenly 'coz she's trashing him now, you've also got the green-light to talk about what a total d-bag he is/was, how you never liked him, etc. etc.

And then they get back together.

And now you look like an a-hole.

And now it's awkward.

Like that. Except different, because I'm sure Holly Madison cares nothing at all about what the rest of us think about her lovelife. Or her unusually enormous decolletage.

Hello? When the heck did those happen?


  1. HE used HER for press? She's kind of like Kate Gosselin to me ... just go away.

  2. For those who think HM is down to earth, get psychiatric help. She was the fakest of the GND.
    If you truly want to see someone down to earth, watch Kendra's new show instead. This TRULY is a girl who made no bones about who she was, but retained her genuiness even while partying hardy with Hef. In almost every episode of Kendra, you see her genuinesss shine and the love she shares with Hank is rare, especially in the fishbowl they live in. The shower episode and the episode where she gives birth are just sweet.
    The BEST part about HM's show was the sound effects when she was in the Mayor's office (the chirping crickets & screeching of brakes was pure genius. I always thought the Mayor of Vegas was your typical sleasebag/drunk Mayor of a party town, until I saw his reaction to HM. He garnered new respect from me in the way he handled the Golddigger Next Door. Even HE knows the ONLY attributes HM has to sell Vegas are her fake hooters (after all the ONLY reason her Peepshow stint was extended was because everyone wanted to see a Playgirl TOPLESS, LIVE). If anyone saw her on "Dancing with the So-Called Stars", you were all witness to how TALENTLESS HM truly is. The only description that came to my mind was WOODEN.
    Criss Angel is a businessman first. Although I think his biggest mistake was having ANYTHING to do w/the type of publicity that HM garners, which is nothing but toilet. Her attendance at his show actually HURT tickets sales. When HM was introduced in the audience ad nauseum, night after night, I can remember asking a guy next to me (who was with his much more beautiful than HM wife)WHY he even turned around when she was announced. His response-just wanted to see what a Playmate looked like LIVE. Which is exactly HM's public. They just want to see what one looks like LIVE, as opposed to the pages of Playboy, period. It isn't about talent, because there is none.
    She's writing a book about Vegas, which I am sure will end up in some bargain bin. Anyone with ANY STYLE or CLASS does not need to know ANY of the haunts of HM. The only people who will be picking it up are club chicks, but they will thumb threw it, they certainly won't spend their hard-earned $$ on it and actually purchase it.
    She teased Criss Angel about his lisp in the interview, but didn't seem to mind it when she was thrusting her tongue down his mouth every chance she had, or when the possibility of LIVING OFF HIM was there. And if HE was using HER, why did SHE quickly claim SHE proposed to him, after 3-1/2 months of dating? Just WHO was using WHO?
    All I can remember is how SHALLOW HM sounds, every single time she opens her mouth.