Thursday, January 7

Emma Watson Got Her Leg Chopped Off

Holy Cow!!!

Emma Watson's lost a leg?!!!!

No freaking kidding, take a look at this recent picture!!!!

It's her and her brother appearing in an ad campaign for Burberry, and apparently, someone got a little Photoshop-happy.

Zits and wrinkles, I'm ok with touching-up. But come on!! A WHOLE LEG?! Is cutting off limbs going to be the new body-image trend in 2010?!

If so, I absolutely refuse. I am already clumsy enough as it is.


  1. It's behind her brothers leg. What's the big deal? Slow news day?

  2. @Harlow: No it's not. It's hiding with Demi Moore's hip.

    It's this is funny, not news. If you're looking for news, you're looking in the wrong place.

    The brother thing creeps me out a little, too.

  3. hahaah "behind her brother's leg"?! if she has as joint somewhere on her thigh, then THAT certainly IS big news!!!

    yeah, sorry guys, i am not known in most circles as the source of journalistic integrity. i think it might be my short attention span. try cnn, maybe?

  4. Thank you, Brett. I'm a little creeped out by the brother thing, also.

  5. Hahahaha ! freat work dude appreantly she lost her leg but nice photo shop work out =P

  6. just a little photoshop touch.

  7. this is not more that a little miscalculation of the photographer, is for the bodies position and for the camera position, beside without a leg Emma Watson still been pure beauty.