Wednesday, January 20

Coz Every Guy Wants His Own Ghostbusters Uniform & Proton Pack...

So any Ghosbusters fan worth his Ecto Cooler should bother to give this more than a passing glance.

Oh yes. It's a "wearable Proton Pack with screen-accurate lights, detachable proton thrower with lights! - Ghostbusters II-style 'Venkman' flightsuit Uniform, size Medium, plus elbow pads, pistol belt, and attached clear hose - PKE-meter, custom-designed, with lights."

Of course it is.

And an acquaintance is trying to unload it so he can support his poor-as-dirt lifestyle as a film student in LA.

You can find it now on ebay.

And yes, he made the proton pack. Yeahhh... an acquaintance only, I assure you.

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