Monday, December 28

The Parkers Sure Are Strange

That Tony Parker sure must be crazy about his wife.

Well, I guess if you're lucky enough to be married to Eva Longoria, you've got to have some kind of pact with the devil going. Although, he's a hot NBA player, so he is also nothing to sniff at either.

Anyhoo... this is just exactly how much he adores his wife:

No, Sandy Olsen from Australia didn't suddenly become a gorgeous Mexican girl from Texas. No, Danny Zucco is not a ginormous french basketball player. (The hairpiece is ... somethin' else)

Mr. Longoria agreed to re-enact the "Summer Lovin" duet from the movie Grease.

Like recreate... to the letter.

My personal jury's still out on whether or not I think that they are that cool to have such an out-there sense of humor that they would bother to pull this off... or if they are that weird that they would bother to pull this off.

Frankly if I were to ever make my significant other re-create an entire scene from a movie, it would be all three endings of Clue: The Movie.

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