Thursday, December 17

Oh Facebook, why must you be SO complicated.

"It's Complicated"

That's the current -- and permanent -- status for my relationship with Facebook.

All these elaborate new privacy settings are good...

...especially if you are the super-paranoid, super-sensitive, overly-self-conscious type like myself who wants to post this picture but doesn't want these two people to see it, or wants to make that status update, but doesn't want a dozen of my parents' closest church friends to know that I was hungover the last time my mom called to chat.

Funniest status I read today comes my old friend, Julie:

"FACEBOOK WARNING: As of today, Facebook staff will be allowed to eat your children and pets. To turn this option off, go to Settings, then Privacy, then Meals. Click the top button to not feed the employees of Facebook anything. Copy this to your status to warn your friends! "

Seriously. What next, right?

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