Friday, December 11

From The Archives: "I'm Worth Millions. Seriously, I am."

I like digging this one up every now and again.

Especially, since I first posted this in March 2009, my net value has continued to flourish... I'm in the mid "seven's" by now. And yes, I mean seven million.

It's the Hollywood Stock Exchange, proud member since '05, and still miffed about this underperforming Jennifer Lopez stock that I seem strangely attached to despite the fact that she's been a total net loss of about $65 grand.

GRRRR her and that big butt.

So no, there's no real money involved here, just high anxiety and bragging rights.

"I'm Worth Millions. Seriously, I am."

I'm kind of a big deal on "the exchange", if you will.

How much a big deal, you ask?

My Net Worth is: $6,675,276.00

Yes, I am active player on the Stock Exchange.

The Hollywood Stock Exchange.

I've been an active trader for many years now, obviously you don't built a portfolio like that overnight. I can't believe I've never mentioned it before... Well, I'm mentioning it now because now I feel like showing off. And I'm feeling a little competitive. Anybody trade on the HSX?

Hollywood Stock Exchange...  just try and best me.Well, feel free to join. They'll even start you with an easy two mill.

So, what is it?

Good question, I'm not sure how to answer that, because even the HSX people themselves never actually refer to themselves as a game. Or an online distract. Or pretend-stock-exchange.

Which is actually what they really are. A pretend stock exchange. I have no idea who started it, why they started it, or what the point is, but it just an elaborate online time waster for folks with more than just a passing interest in the entertainment industry (and/or folks who love the whole system of trade and exchange). And it's actually owned by Cantor Fitzgerald, and they're like real finance and money people.

SHE'S WORTHLESS!  Well, actually she's worth *less* than she used to.So there it is. The gauntlet. I dropped it.

Feel free to join, and keep me posted on your progress. I often like to make fast gains with Hollywood Derivatives. I'm contemplating a couple thousand Idol Warrants, but Alison Iraheta's price just jumped to $14.56 a share.

I also don't recommend any Jennifer Lopez ... her stock price has leveled out at like $21. What a massive loser. It is also fun putting money on how new movies will fare at the the weekend box office. (That's really the secret to how I built my current fortune.)

I'm currently ranked in the +81.03% percentile... can you top that?

(Doubt it!)


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  1. Toni, start a HSX league where the listners can join. I am currently at $1.141 Billion and in the 99.3 percentile.