Friday, November 13

I am: Single. Female. Short. (getting ready for the next Census!)

My parents are from that generation.

You know which one, the one where they randomly hit the Forward button on their emails and think they're doing a huge service for mankind. If it weren't for my dad, I wouldn't know about the hypodermic needles hidden in the payphone booths. Good thing I use a cell phone.

Now and again, I'll get something that doesn't automatically scream out to me "DELETE ME!", so I'll check it by Snopes, and get confirmation once again that my parents are paranoid conspiracy theorists with a horrible sense of humor and unusually superstitious.

Today, it was the one I got from my mumsy, entitled: "FW: fwd: 2010 Census, BEWARE! Forward to everyone you know!"

... and actually, it was quite informative! And according to Snopes, the real deal. Go figure. Go Mom.

So here it is -- straight from Toni Ryan's mom -- a safe and useful reminder for you in case people come to your door this season, asking for lots of rather personal info, and claiming to be an official Census person.

And it comes from the Better Business Bureau and you know those people don't dabble in BS.

Oh, and if you're not into reading and what not, just watch this less taxing video from the BBB, cutting to the chase for you lazy types like myself:

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