Friday, November 13

I am going to marry Mark Thompson


How dare you.

Well, frankly, I didn't know either... 'til I saw a fascinating clip of him on the news and began to furiously Google him. He's a weather guy in LA, who's made somewhat a name for himself not in areas concerning meteorology or predicting the future, but... with his bad-ass dance moves.

And I don't want to marry him because I fancy myself in love with him (Toni Ryan does no such frivilous things) but because I am impressed with his respectable career (my parents would dig that) and he's not embarassed to shimmy in the middle of a major market newscast. Plus, he's likely to have a sweet pad on the beach. Frankly, I don't even care if he wouldn't know Doppler if it fell right on his head.

But enough of his marriageable qualities.
I pulled a few hidden gems from his vast portfolio of hard-hitting-meterology-meets-danger-on-the-dance-floor.

Why can't our local weather be this interesting?

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