Thursday, October 1

YOU say PILLOW! (splatter splatter splatter)

Today, so a really funny status update on Facebook from my friend Julianne....

"In my day, we had 1 bus stop for the whole god damn neighborhood. WTF is this sh**"

And of course, my immediate single-gal kneejerk reaction was...
"Getting trapped behind a stop-and-go spree of bus stops on a single lane, no-passing road is why people learn to hate kids. Right on, sister!!"

But alas! Have no fear of me and a future of handmade afghans and a slew of mangy cats. Because then I got to work and saw this vid:

... and then my ovaries leapt with joy at the sight of this ridiculously adorable little face. Aside from being a funny vid, Anybody got a hankerin' for Little Kid?  Gah, couldn't you just EAT this face right up???the sight of this kid makes you want to say stupid pseudo-cannibalistic things like, "Oh my God, I could just this little face right up! Gobble gobble gobble!!!"

So, while I have been known to crochet up a mean afghan on occasion, Toni Ryan has a heart. With a soft spot for kids.

Besides, I'm allergic to cats.

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