Wednesday, September 30

I just wanna buy a steam mop, that's all

Remember when your folks bought their first camcorder?

A bohemoth piece of appliance that threatened to mess up your shoulder to Quasimodo proportions. Or a camera so light because the heavy part was hanging on your other shoulder. Well, remember the fun home videos you'd make with your friends? Doing stunts on your bike. Pranking your elderly neighbor. Etc.

Mop Mop Mop!  I love to Mop!So, I guess this is what happens to that generation, now that home filmmaking has made it possible for anyone to entertain themselves. I have been for months toying with the idea of buying one of them there fancy steam mops that you can only dream about (well, actually, maybe I wasn't dreaming -- I fell asleep in front of the TV again, so it was probably an infomercial). In my quest for more info, I stumbled upon this video "review" of the infamous Swiffer Wet Jet.

OK, so I didn't really get a review out of that.

Amused, yes. Not that it was amusing, but amused that someone would go to that much trouble. And it was rather useful, if I needed someone to show me how to put the danged thing together. Thank God for making these itty videos with people just talking about what they think about stuff that they own. Maybe it'll be useful to somebody.

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