Wednesday, October 21

Subscription Intimidation

I want my renewal!

That should be a new term ...



That's the confusing, looks-important, junk mail that magazines send you to renew a subscription.

I've been getting an envelope in the mail for the last six months:

I was gifted with a subscription to a certain magazine (go ahead, just look closer) that was supposed to expire last year, but issues kept disappearing or showing up late if they ever showed up at all. So I'd have to complain every time, and they'd keep extending the subscription. (Which was no matter, the magazine was getting crappier with every week's issue -- and I still haven't said the name of the magazine, but you can take a gander yourself.)

The wretched piece of weekly junk was supposed to be done in July, but I'd keep getting these "Requests for Renewal" disguised as "Final Notices" and "Urgent Correspondence" and "Due Immediately" letters.
Oh no you di'int!

PFFFF, whatever dudes. Because I didn't even order the subscription. I think if I was the one who paid for it, it might've gotten me worried for a split second.

Can you believe that's how they're attempting to retain business? It's so shady, and well... desperate. Like, if I even felt bad for them, I'd keep renewing it even though the magazine serves better as filler for my recycling bin. But how can I feel bad for you, unnamed entertainment-related magazine, when you keep sending me these thinly veiled threats?!

Yknow, now that I think about it... I don't even think they ever said Please. HMMPH!

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