Tuesday, October 13

Nobody watches "Heroes" anymore

Even though I don't like her bc she seems like a royal b****, I can admit that she still is freaking hot.This poor show.

So much promise, and then somewhere it jumped the shark -- big time -- maybe it was between the Mexican wonder twins who suddenly developed the power to speak English when the show went on summer hiatus, or the teenage girl dating her 30+ year old co-star who played her uncle. Ew.

Anyhoo, if there's any way to longingly cling to the bootstraps of your audience who have since moved on and unwillingly moved on to better things (in this case, BALLROOM dancing. Yeah, that is pretty pathetic, Heroes. You bored your fans so much that they turned to BALLROOM dancing.)

... and here is their way of holding on to you. The time-honored Girls-Making-Out gambit:

Sure helps when you've got a cheerleader on staff, makes this strategy even more worthwhile.

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