Tuesday, October 13

Elvis Pez Dispenser

Yes, there is such a thing, and if you want it, it's up for auction on Sunday.

"A set of Elvis Pez dispensers, one of over 200 items in The Gary Pepper Collection of Elvis Presley Memorabillia, is seen at Leslie Hindman Auctioneers , Monday, Oct. 12, 2009 in Chicago. The items will be up for auction on Sunday, Oct. 18. (AP Photo/M. Spencer Green)"

OK, I'm not a Pez fan. It was always so frustrating bc the candy was infinitesimally small. The dispenser always ran out of candy.

And frankly, some of the collectible Pez dispensers that have come out over the years have frightened the bejeezus outta me, enough to no longer desire a bit size piece of candy. I mean, look at this thing. It's a plastic mini-Elvis head. And it's scary looking. I'm afraid it's gonna start talking to me in an eerie little-man voice.

Me no likey. Quite the buzzkill, that I'd just as well rather stick to a roll of Retsyn-coated breath mints that taste like toilet bowl cleaner and call it a day.

You can keep your plastic head that spews molecules of candy out of its neck.

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