Thursday, September 24

"You look like a crazy bear lost in a swamp"

'You looked like a big grey albatross, my darling!'Without a doubt, one of the best reasons to watch Dancing with the Stars is for the gem of those unexpected, seemingly-unintentional sparkling innuendoes from judge Bruno Tonioli.

He is like, er, like, no other. I don't exactly know how to describe him, but he makes me laugh out loud, and then hit the instant replay button on my remote:

"So exciting, you all did so well, Cristian, for someone who couldn't bang in the beginning, you are banging now." -- to Cristian de La Fuente

"It was like watching a trailer for Shrek goes cha cha cha." — to Penn Jillette

"I want more emotion lust, love, I want you to be a dirty girl."' —to Kristi Yamaguchi

Which is exactly why I love him. Sometimes I absolutely don't get him.

Anyhoo, today in my hunt to find a Best of Bruno Tonioli reel on YouTube, I did stumble upon this from The Soup from a couple years ago that still elicited a chuckle from me since Bruno is still exactly the same way...

If there is actually a webpage devoted to compiling a list of memorable Brunoisms, I must know, immediately.

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  1. i found a site full of quotes from dancing with the stars. it's not just bruno, but here you go