Friday, September 25

East Coast lands on Wisteria Lane

I love that we can sit on your porch, Lynette, and just gossip all day about the new folks on the block.I completely forgot that blink-and-you'll-miss-it entertainment news blurb, that there was a noteworthy cast addition on Desperate Housewives, which returns to our flatscreens Sunday. Drea You-may-remember-me-from-The-Sopranos de Matteo is coming to Wisteria Lane in a whirl of new-season-mystery, and conjuring up the brassy East coast "thing" that we all know her best for.

You go, girl. You show them prissy west coast girls what we're all about.

So, I found these neat little vids on ABC's website, and I managed to get reinvigorated about DH --- something about the long breaks between seasons, or the abundance of available shows can somehow squash that flame of passion you have for your favorite shows, right? --- I even managed to get excited all over again.

Here's one of the sneak previews I caught....

You can use the same link to access other ABC previews... enjoy!

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