Sunday, September 27

"We're the DANCERS."

Who doesn't love a good viral video?

It's like when a joke gets told at the watercooler, and it's actually a good one. So, without further ado, the infamous "Baby Dancing Along to the 'Single Ladies' Video" video:

Of course, a baby dancing to Beyonce's Single Ladies can only remind a person like myself of one thing...
Oh,yes. You're the DAAANCERS...B-Town.
The matching SNL parody with Justin Timberlake, which, thanks to NBC and its paranoid unwilling-to-share-with-others ways, makes it a rather difficult video to hunt down online.

But no worries, my crazy research-obsessive ways have made it possible for you to share in this piece of rare archival hilarity.

Never thought Paul Rudd & JT in a leotard would make me literally LOL so freaking hard. Enjoy!

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