Monday, June 22

A Big Announcement For a Big Announcement?

Today is Jon & Kate big announcement day.
YES, we get it.  BIG announcement!  YEESH!
I know coz there was a big announcement about it.


And then, there was a lot of press about the big announcement about the big announcement.

I hope it's not about divorce. Not 'coz I want their marriage salvaged, but because I want everyone to be wrong, thereby nullifying all the time our American press has wasted covering this story.

I hope the announcement is that they're cancelling the show. As much as I love watching those little rugrats create turmoil and yuck up Kate's immaculate floors, I'd be willing to give it all up just so the everything else went away.

And how how how did the tale of these two unimpressive people with eight kids become the center of a national media blank-storm??? You can all thank the haters.

Yes. Thanks a lot, haters.

All you people who had to keep pointing out that the Gosselins were not happy in real life -- the people who wanted ignorantly blissful viewers like me to know that what was really going on inside my favorite TV show... yes, I'm talking to you, you haters. You're the reason why this story is out of control and has to be invading every crevice of my media exposed life.

Because when I -- and countless others -- who enjoyed the entertainment of watching six fun kids and a pair of twins (one with a seemingly bipolar thing going on), no one really cared what was "really" going on behind the scenes. Because it's just a TV show. "Reality" or not, it's a TV show. Period.

You haters who were hellbent on revealing the truth about Kate etc. etc. Did you just not have enough time on your hands? 'Coz you went around letting the whole planet know Kate was really a B word (no duh) and needing to expose "the truth" about the Gosselins (that a person will do anything to provide for eight kids)... and guess what it worked. Coz you pushed "the truth" in our faces and now... IT WON'T GO AWAY!

So next time, mind your own business. It's just a TV show.

It'd be nice to have our news focus on important stuff for a change.

If I wanted to hear the dirty details of a failed marriage or an irate mom, I can call up any one of my girlfriends who is juggling a job, husband, and kids.


  1. I hope the show gets cancelled too! I'm tired of hearing about their dysfunctional family!

  2. I was really sad that "Love, American Style" went off the air in 1974. "Jon & Kate" was the only thing that brought me out of my funk. NOT! I can't wait to read the books that their kids write, giving their version of events.

  3. I DO hope that their marraige is saved. I hope that they are ending the show for the sake of their marraige and family. It is a T.V. show, however it is also a real family.