Wednesday, December 10

Arise Jeans! Arise from the dead!

Yes, they can be brought back to life. Dry your tears, people.
There is hope.

Your beloved jeans... that you've had to lay to rest... after many memorable years of reliable comfort and low maintenance... brace yourself, but they can now be resurrected. Alleluia.

Now, I know. You're already in the grieving stage where you are successfully letting go, and moving on, so I shouldn't (and wouldn't!) try and screw with your fragile state if I didn't really feel strongly about this. And I don't mean like the crappy patch that would look better on the elbow of your tweed blazer if you were an old school d-bag. I mean like "It was all a bad dream" -kind of "back to life."

And I should clarify, it's not "The Jean Doctor", as Newman originally thought it was called. (By the way, we can all thank Newman for connecting us with this fashion miracle. )

They have a whole process for jean resurrection.I was grieving on-air yesterday morning, when Newman told me to quit despairing, he knew how to get a [Jean] Doctor in the house.

And sure enough he found it, so I am now sharing this with you: ... it's DENIM THERAPY.

You send 'em your jeans... and after a couple exchanges of correspondence with their diagnosis, their prescribed treatment, a total, and your payment ... they send 'em back good as new. Literally.

I haven't had the opportunity to avail of this service myself just yet, but I believe everything I read on the Internet, and frankly they'd have been cyber-trash by now if their work was crap.

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