Friday, October 17

October means Secret Santa

Six families, three states, the youngest is one and a half, the oldest is sixty-something.

Those are the parameters my family has to contend with each holiday. Last year decided, Secret Santa was the way to go. Figured, in this day and age, I should be able to find a website that would enable us to accomplish this in California, Florida, or another continent altogether. Ended up choosing where you can enter wish lists, it sends you your Secret Santa person, and allows you to anonymously ask questions about the person you have to shop for.

Figured it would be perfect, and finally easy. A $50 limit, and just get your gift to my uncle's house by Christmas eve.

Did it work?

PLEASE! 26 people? C'mon, what do you think??

Well, I'd give it a B+ for first time out. Wasn't flawless, but for the most part, everyone got presents. (I got two.... minor mix-up. My cousin Stacey was rather confused why I asked for a bottle of whiskey. Toni's dad Tony is the whiskey aficionado, but thanks Stace!)

BUT NOW... it is time to start thinking about the holidays again. Anybody got any suggestions? Is there a good way to do a Secret Santa with as little stress as possible?

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  1. i was such a naysayer. i feel weird only giving one person a gift...nt