Tuesday, October 14

Best Freaking Detergent on the Planet

It's a mirage.  Trust me, I've looked. EVERYWHERE.Unfortunately, the Best Freaking Detergent on the Planet is impossible to find, too.

Victoria's Secret used to sell this awesome detergent. In fact, a whole line of awesome laundry products. One for special wash (like a Woolite), an actual jug of detergent, and fabric softener, both liquid & sheets. I know because I bought them. All. All the products. All the time. I even bought a special holiday gift set so I could get travel packet sizes of all of it.

The most beautiful smelling laundry you can ever imagine. Underthings, linens, sweaters, dresses, pantyhose, the slipcovers even. Everything just smelled fabulous.

Then one day: POOF. Discontinued.

Of course the way I found out was when it was finally time to restock on my supply, and a snooty blank insisted that "Victoria's Secret has never made a laundry detergent". (A couple phone calls clarified that by "never" she actually meant that the product line was recently discontinued.)

So, since that day, I have been hoarding what little product I've had left, and only using little droplets here and there if the occasion warrants good smell. Last night I used a small teaspoonful, and today, I'm catching traces of loveliness coming from my tee-shirt & jeans. I feel so pretty. Aaaah.....

Anyhooo... it reminded me of an article I read earlier this year that brought me hope.... that the Vic's Secret Lavish Laundry detergent was being re-released . Re-released this past Spring.


Does anyone know? What happened? Why should I have to live with a lifetime of Gain, Tide, Wisk, Cheer, and all the usual odor of general cleanliness??

(And I don't care that the guy that wrote the article thinks it smells strong and doesn't clean well. He's a guy for goshsakes.)

Any input appreciated.


  1. hey cousin, apparently you can still buy it...on ebay. isn't that a sad thing when something you love is discontinued?

  2. Hello Toni - This laundry detergent, in my opinion, was one of the seven wonders of the world - When the store clerk told me that it was discontinued, I stood there, in shock, for several minutes - This was my very favorite item to buy - I would give anything, for Victoria's Secret to bring this rare gem back - I don't think I'll ever recover from the loss - There is nothing like it - Everyone that I walked past told me that I smelled so good - Everyone - When I told them what it was, they said that they didn't know that VS made laundry detergent - Don't know if it was marketed properly - I knew the store manager of the VS in my area and suggested that she have her customers smell the product - After that, the store was always sold out of it - But, unforturnately, it was around the time that they discontinued it - I wish some company would buy the formula - It was sheer genius