Thursday, August 14

Year in Review... so far

Michael Phelps has got something to be excited about.

Someone's a little excited.

I mean, what with that winning reaction the other day, he's guaranteed himself a place in all those pictorials we'll have to endure when they recap memorable events from 2008, after the year's over. And it feels like it starts in the beginning of December, when the lists of the year's best and worst start coming out.

As soon as I saw the Phelps reaction, I was like, now I know I'll have to see his face a million more times come January. That face sorta reminds me of burning constipation, doesn't it?

Hey, when you think of 2008, think of me!Of course, it'll be alongside photos of Obama, A-Rod, Davids Cook & Archacoffeecoolata, Heath Ledger, and the cast of Mad Men. And Miley's bony-ass bare back.

Is that how I'll remember 2008? Someday, when I'm old(er), and my eleven kids go, "Mom, did you actually see Dark Knight in the theaters, back when it set this amazing cinematic record that has since never been broken?"

Yeah, we get it.  Your genes make better-looking, wealthy superbabies.  Quit rubbing it in!

And I'll go, "Sure! That was same the year Sex & the City was out. And it was trendy in Hollywood to get pregnant. And the Giants won the SuperBowl (TM)!"

So... it's only August, but I feel like I can already start the list of things I expect to see in all those Year in Review lists. All the things that will remind me of this specific time in history, pop culture, and my personal life.

Here are the ones that immediately came to mind, but please by all means, chime in!

Oh Rick!  We love you, but we hate getting RickRolled.  OK FINE, you really want the original RickRoll??  You're REALLY gonna hate this, but click this lovely photo, and just picture the Never Gonna Give You Up video playing in the background the whole time.  Then try and close the window, and GOOD LUCK.  Don't say I didn't warn you.
  • The Brangelina Twins and all the hype that went along with two newborns doing a magazine cover for enough money to cover the national deficit.

  • Gas prices and reminiscing about when gas was less than 3 bucks a gallon.

  • Getting "Rickrolled" (and I tried to post the original link with a warning to click at your own risk, but the gods of the internet have made it impossible to find)
  • I mean, aside from me, is there anyone NOT watching this show??
  • Britney finally hitting super-duper rock bottom, and with nowhere else to go, slowly turning her life around with help from her buddy Mel Gibson

  • The Gossip Girls rise to power

  • Going "Green" not just to help the environment and preservation of nature, and all that good stuff, but clearly because it seems like everyone was into this going "green" stuff. (Why does it seem like it just got trendy all of a sudden to be globally conscientious?)

  • Denise Richards, Pam Anderson, the Two Coreys, Ali Lohan, and pretty much anyone with a pulse getting a reality show.

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