Friday, August 15

Showin' Love For The Donald

What is not to love about this kind & generous scowl?Try as you might, but starting today, there is no more hating on The Donald.

He bought Ed McMahon's house so Ed and his family can keep living in it. Poor Ed's been facing foreclosure on the house they've been living in for almost 20 years, bc some neck injury kept him out of work and unable to make payments on the home.

OK, I know some of you aren't feeling any amount of pity for Ed McMahon, the $4.5 million in defaulted mortgage payments, or the $7M Beverly Hills mansion he was about to lose.

But, c'mon. It's Ed Mc-freaking-Mahon for godssakes! What has this poor man ever done but bring smiles to your door in the form of a 6-foot novelty check, or by dutifully laughing even with Johnny's jokes tanked. I don't like to see people like that fall from grace. In my head, happy shiny celebs like Ed McMahon are always living in a cloud of good times and jolly fun. Telling me that Ed McMahon is human or -- even worse -- possibly unhappy is on par with telling me there is no talking gecko. Or that Dunder Mifflin isn't a real company. Let me have my imaginary bubble of television influence, thank you very much.

Enter Donald Trump to the rescue. Who knew? "I don't know the man, but I grew up watching him on TV," that's what The Donald told the press. How could he go and do something so nice??

So, people, take a cue from Donald Trump today. Reach inside and search for your Inner Donald. Maybe you can't buy some aging TV star's foreclosed home, but be creative.

Maybe you can go and fire someone today.

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