Friday, August 22

Scrub, Christina! SCRUB!!!

It's funny what you'll remember from a movie.

I got completely psyched because I found out "Mommie Dearest" will be on Soapnet on Sunday. Seen it like a million and four times, and I don't know why I am planning on watching it again -- on cable no less, when I shoulda just owned my own copy by now.

And of course, the first thing everybody says when you say Mommie Dearest
(C'mon, say it with me)...

Oh my God - I love this dress!  Tell me, are these Joy Mangano's Huggable Hangers... available exclusively on Home Shopping Network??


For some reason, though, my Joan Crawford Quote of Choice is when she dumps the Ajax all over the floor (and on the kid) like some kind of mad man, screaming, "SCRUB CHRISTINA! SCRUB!!!"
Oh my God, that nuttiness. That both traumatized and cracked me up to no end when I was 11 years old and watching this movie for the twentieth time.

Spaceballs, anyone? That's easy:


"What's all this churning & bubbling?
You call that a radar screen?"
"No sir, we call it Mr. Coffee. Care for some?"

Of all the quotable moments and that's the first thing that pops in my head. My next favorite is what Rick Moranis says next: "Yes, I always have coffee when I watch radar. You know that."

I am convinced John Hughes had a list I really like pink.  Don't I look pretty?  In PINK?from the future of quotes that would become a part of 80's folklore, and he built a movie around them and called it Sixteen Candles.

Except for some reason, I always say:

"Well you don't spell it, son,
you eat it."

You know. The quiche scene?

Hah, how obscure!!

What are your obscure movie quotes? The ones other people would only know if they knew a film inside and out.

I could do this all day - name movies and pull out the most forgettable line in the whole flick. Tell me you can do the same -- I just need to know I'm not all that weird!!!

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