Friday, July 25

Rolling through The Queue...

Have been on an awesome Netflix spree these past two weeks.

Just breezing through my queue and getting my money's worth (possibly more) out of my monthly financial contribution. Except I might have put an asterisk next to the phrase "money's worth", especially when talking about Fracture.

Ryan Gosling & Red Vines, crazy delicious.  Anthony Hopkins, not so muchWhat the heck was going on there? I mean, we know it wasn't a hit, so I knew not to expect much, but I got sucked into the mystery of the story (even though it was handing me so many details which turned out to be totally unnecessary to the plot -- and I guess the writers realized this halfway through and just decided to... well... just not bother anymore.) It's Ryan Gosling as a lawyer, and Anthony Hopkins, not as a lawyer, sorta channeling Hannibal in random moments of the film. I was getting confused. I'm like is this psychotic doctor accused of shooting his wife gonna suddenly decide to snack on Chianti and Gosling-niblets in the middle of this court scene?

... I digress. So as I was saying, I got sucked into the mystery of the story, and well... hey, I guess that's the operative word: sucked. The movie sucked. The ending sucked, as did the the two alternate endings offered on the DVD. PEOPLE please. This isn't Clue: The Movie. Don't give me your alternate endings. It tells me you don't know what you're doing, and couldn't make up your mind either. You providing multiple endings pretty much tells me you're not very confident about your story.
Actually a horrible title.  Because the bad guy actually turned out to be traceable after all.
Also saw Untraceable this past week, and guess what I discovered! (NOTE: SPOILER TO FOLLOW) C'mon! GUESS! Ok, fine I'll tell you. Turns out... the bad guy is traceable after all! I'm gonna give the title a D-, but the movie a solid B+. Good and thrilling, but I can't really put my finger on why it's not getting a better grade out of me. In fact, I don't know if a better grade would even be available for re-writes...

So there you go, Toni Ryan's School of Irrational Movie Opinions has handed out this week's report cards.

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