Wednesday, July 30

Meet me at the Drive-In

Aw... the drive-in. A dying breed.

I had to do a look-up to make certain this was true, but there are a grand total of ZERO drive-ins in New Jersey. A few in PA (Willow Grove-ish, or am I mistaken?), but none in easy driving distance for me.

Stranded at the drive-in...  branded a fool.  Oh you Danny Zucco, you silly boy.I'm thirty-something-ish and I know I've been to a drive-in. Back then I was an only child, and my parents took me everywhere. I have a vague memory of sitting in their Dodge Swinger in mom's lap in the front seat, but for the life of me, I can't remember what I saw. I wanted to say Grease, but then I realized the drive-in memory with Grease is something that happened in the movie, and not actually to me. Besides, I know that I saw Grease in a theater, because of the famous story my parents tell about me falling out of the car and into the parking lot when we got there. (Nah, don't worry about me, kids were more durable and bacteria-resistant back then.)

Does anyone remember what they saw at the drive-in? Any good drive-in stories?
(Kindly keep it PG-13, please!)

And if you want to know why this came up, I'm doing an event Friday night in South Jersey at the brand-new NJ Motorsports Park in Millville, for Drive-in Movie Night where they're screening... Cars! I'm thinking you folks with kids might love an event like this. Movie starts at 9p, but we'll be there by 7p. I don't know how much it actually costs-costs but I just saw that you can use your points on the shopping page to get passes, each good for carload of people. Good bargain if you drive a stretch limo :)

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  1. The first drive-in my parents took us to was “The Parent Trap” (the original one … yes, the one with Lindsay Lohan was a remake) and “With Six You Get Eggroll.” Obviously, I was very, very young at the time; as I think of it, I was just a fetus. Anyway, the drive-ins that my teen-age high school boyfriend took me too were much more interesting. We saw … um, I think … it was … er … uh … “The Ten Commandments” … yeah, that was it, “The Ten Commandments.”