Monday, June 23

Surprise! It's a bike race!

Excuse me, is my CAR in YOUR way????  Kidding.  I love you, random cyclist.I'll do my best to not dwell too much on this subject, bc honestly I'm still a little p.o.'d even though I know I need to move on.

This past Sat was this bike race in Rocky Hill that pretty much ties up a stretch of 518 and surrounding roads. 2nd year in a row. And 2nd year in a row that I don't think people were adequately informed this thing was going down. As if people won't need to use these roads because it's in the middle of the sticks, and it's a Saturday morning. Au contraire, folks.

Last year, got trapped in the boonies with my internal GPS trying to figure out my own detour. No signage, just closed roads everywhere I turned. If I was just a smidge less stubborn, I would've just turned around and went home. But I was determined (and by then, a half hour late to my appointment) when I finally saw the pack of cyclists and figured it all out for myself.

This year, BY ACCIDENT, I happened to come across a packet looking for sponsors for this event. Not a press release, a solicitation. And this year, I happened to drive down one of the roads in question earlier in the week, and those electronic billboard was set up flashing the info. Knowing I'd have to drive through this stretch, I gave myself an extra fifteen minutes to go the long way around this whole thing, and still arrived late. Boy was I steaming mad.

WHATEVER YOU DO, DON'T TELL ANYONE ABOUT YOUR RACE. Because it's good to generate road rage and make people late to their appointments.

OK, I'm done. The End.

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