Wednesday, June 11

The Fall of Tom Hanks

Tom Hanks WHO? He is SO 2007. Has-been.
What is UP with Forbes magazine? Don't they ever just talk about money and stuff like that? I only ever hear of them bc they seem to be always making up lists of nonsense stuff. Their latest? Celebrity 100.

Apparently, it's some annual list of the most influential stars, based on things like the star's earning power, how much buzz they can generate, and the amount of mentions they get on the media and on the web.

So, while this list has yet to be published tomorrow, we do know who did not make this year's list, and it includes a number of people who ranked on last year's list. What is this, high school? Way to hurt all these people's feelings in advance. "Nah nah, you're not on our popular list, you losers. You're all so Tom-Hanks! Has-beens."

Check out this year's list of fallen, and their ranking from last year.
  • #11 Tom Hanks
    Poor guy, last year he almost cracked the Top 10, this year, POOF!

  • #45 Adam Sandler

  • #54 Vince Vaughn

  • #60 Jessica Simpson

  • #77 Scarlett Johansson

  • #78 Jessica Alba
    I'm certain she'll make the 2008 list. Having a baby put her back on the gossip-rag map)

  • #92 Jeff Foxworthy
    I still can't figure how he even made it on this list, but whatev.

  • #95 Danica Patrick

  • #98 Hayden Panettiere
    Well if Heroes ever came back from "break" then she'd still be on the list. When IS that show coming back?? People don't remember her. Oh wait, yes. She's the recent former-jailbait dating her 35 yo co-star who plays her uncle of all things.

If any of these people want to make it back on the list, they've got plenty of time to campaign for next year's list. I recommend the following methods:

  • Have a baby

  • Have another celeb's baby

  • Go to rehab, for the sole purpose of coming out of rehab and leading a very public rehabilitated squeaky-clean life

  • Do a reality show set in your home

  • Date Lindsay Lohan

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