Tuesday, May 27

I'd get up at the crack of dawn for....

Morbid.  But like me in traffic.

Not a lot, apparently.

Memorial Day Weekend... big shopping weekend, and I was fully on board for it this year. Made a list of stuff to get and because I hate nothing more than mobs of people and standing in lines, decided I would get up at the crack of dawn and get my shopping out the way.

Except -- when it came down to it, I didn't need anything all that bad, and decided to sleep in instead. Enjoyed the sleep infinitely more than any amount of joy that shopping could have brought me, and then it dawned on me:

there's not a lot of things I would get up at the crack of dawn for.

Nor are there a lot of things I'd stand and wait in line for.

Here's my short list:
(And basically, all of these things would have to be being handed out for free)

  1. Free shoes

  2. Free 600 thread count linens

  3. Free smoked salmon

  4. Free tickets to a private performance by Harry Connick, Jr.
    (and by private, I mean his wife has to stay home.)

  5. Free makeup

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