Wednesday, April 16

Celebrity Charity Scrabble Tournament (and I'm in it!)

"The Charity Tournament ... will pit local celebrities against one another each playing in the name of a charity of his or her choice. "
OMG I might pee myself, I find that so frigging funny, mainly because I am playing in this tournament. ME.



Yeah, seriously, I'm competing in this year's Celebrity Charity Scrabble Tournament against other celebs like Boomer - the Trenton Thunder mascot, a George Washington impersonator, the Trentonian's Jeff Edelstein, and various local politicians. Defending the crown is PST's very own Newman, who is the reigning Celebrity Charity Scrabble Champion (say that ten times fast).

I should mention that among the "various local politicians", word on the street is that Congressman Rush Holt will again be one of the competing celebs. If he is as present and formidable as he was when he last competed against Newman, that means actually he will be represented by one of his congressional aides who has been a Scrabble tourney champ her self. See, sometimes celebs need a proxy, that's how we roll.

So after months of discussion and strategic planning about practice-games and attack plans with Newms about how we would uphold the PST mantle at this competition, turns out we never actually finished a game, and the tournament is THIS SATURDAY.

[insert maniacal laugh again here]

We've since scaled back our strategy to cramming the "Acceptable SOWPODS/TWL 2-letter words for Competitive Scrabble" and "Words That Start with Q But Don't Need a U" lists. Newms has convinced me he won't be able to retain his crown, and has daily reminded me that all eyes will be on me. ME. My sphincter's been tight for days now, thanks a lot.

So there it is. THIS SATURDAY. Come by. Make donations. Be supportive. But don't root out loud or anything, might blow my concentration. But definitely support my charity, I'll be playing for The Burn Center at Saint Barnabas Medical Center. Please be generous, I have a very personal connection to this organization.

And I swear to you, I'm not making this event up. I found it on the internet... in more than one place, like here and here. So obviously I'm not making it up.

And by the way, celeb = 9 points.

Saturday, April 19th at the Marriott Trenton in Lafayette Yard.
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