Saturday, March 15


Hahah... I don't know how to explain this, but I've fallen in love with this class at Cando.... Zumba. It's a cardio class but set to latin music. Cheryl, the instructor, is always so freaking pleasant, that even if I'm feeling crappy and uncoordinated, I still feel like I went to some party and I'm not really working out. Also takes the paranoia out of going out to some Latin dance club and making an ass out of myself.

OK, this isn't exactly what it looks like, but I found this vid that should kinda give you an idea....

Plus, Cando freaking rocks! (It's the gym - in the old Forrestal Village food court) I feel like I spend equal parts in the steam room or hot tub decompressing to the amount of time I am actually working out. Have you been there??? Tell me how much you love it too, so I won't feel like such a freak.

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