Tuesday, October 9

Favorite Place in Palmer Square

So Palmer Square Fashion Week is sponsoring PST's More Variety Lunch Break this week, promoting all sorts of great sales, trunk shows, etc. as well as the free fashion show going on in the ballroom at the Nassau Inn on Sunday.

And it got me to thinking, I really love Palmer Square, and I guess when you spend a lot of time in Princeton Borough, in and around Palmer Square, you kinda take for granted the things you love about Palmer Square... Sitting on the green outside of Nassau Inn, with sorbet from The Bent Spoon... Trying out new lipstick at Blue Mercury... A pitcher of Sangria at Mediterra... Finding that perfect birthday card (or Vera Bradley bag!) at The Papery... New shoes at Aerosoles... Open mic night at Alchemist & Barrister... Checking out the new fall collection at Banana (Republic, to the rest of y'all) ... Gnoshing on a sampling of Witherspoon Bread before dinner at Teresa's... Laughing with girlfriends over appetizers at the bar in Winberie's (no thanks to great bar service from Mike or Joe!) ... I could go on and on!!!

... and I'm sure you could too!

So please, be my guest and share what you love about Palmer Square.

And in exchange, feel free to enter to win for this awesome shopping spree at Palmer Square. I'm sure if there's anything you love almost as much as Palmer Square... it's a free shopping spree at Palmer Square!

[10/12/07 UPDATE! Toni Ryan says: Congratulations to Traci Robbins of Plainsboro, who scored the $250 Palmer Square Shopping Spree and the Best Seat In The House at this Sunday's free fashion show going on at the Nassau Inn!]


  1. the bent spoon is my favorite place in palmer square! -angie, princeton junction

  2. I love all things fashion focused and Palmer Square is a great shopping destination. However, I am a glutton for beauty products and with that my favorite stores to visit are Blue Mercury and Origins. I love that Blue Mercury carries Keihls and I can always find a new perfume or lip gloss to lust for. Origins has great scrubs and body products.

  3. I love Zoë in Palmer Square! It has such unique clothes and accessories unlike any other boutique!

  4. My favorite place in Palmer Square is definitely The Bent Spoon!!! Once you try there banana whip you will never want to get a cold treat anywhere else!

  5. there's nothing better than a day at palmer square indulging in the beautylicious treats at blue mercury, and then following that up with the most amazing frozen hot chocolate from the bent spoon. top it all off with dinner at teresa's... pure bliss.

    snaps to pj's pancake house for brunch bliss and hoagie haven for late night snackage.

    thumbs down to the snatches that work at zoe - cute clothes... crappy attitude. and that's coming from someone who knows bitches in fashion.

  6. one word: shopping.
    from zoe to banana, to the papery to blue mercury, palmer's square has some of the best and most enjoyable shopping in such a wonderful setting...

  7. 9 west is def my fav -- although ann taylor is up there too! For food and such, medi is great when you can sit outside, stippin SANGRIA!!! And in the winter, I'm not gonna lie, Teresa's is great - warm food, warm joint, warm wine!! Did I mention halo pub's my spot for the cream that is ice??

  8. Mommy of Baby Pinks10/11/2007 1:59 PM

    The Bent Spoon is always a sure bet on my trips into the Square. Nothin like a scoop of dark chocolate and coffee. mmmmmmmm, wish I had one right now.