Wednesday, February 7

Stickgloss: Neither stick, nor gloss... Discuss.

What's on my lips? Laura Mercier... literally.

Today I'm talking Laura Mercier Stickgloss , which I quickly learned is definitely not a lipstick. Nor an actual stick. Nor an actual gloss.... OK, now discuss amongst yourselves....

So Hawaii Margarette* sends me a tube of the Celebrity-must-have lipcolor brand of choice in "Maple", and seriously, I was like, what the hell is this crap? Friends, you should know right off the bat that Toni Ryan is a lipstick fiend. I think I came out of the womb not just with lipstick fully applied, but with a tube of matte lipstick in one hand, and a nice tube of shimmer in the other. So for two weeks, I'm applying and re-applying this stuff thinking, "I can't believe I'm going to have to trash this product. It SUCKS!"

Aaah... guess what, guys. If this product were an actual lipstick, then yes, it sucks. But it doesn't suck, because it was never pretending to be a lipstick. It knows it's not a lipstick... it was just diguised as a lipstick. Comes in a tube and dials up like lipstick too. But lipstick it is definitely not.

OK, so with that being said, I recant earlier brusque dismissals of this entry's Product Du Jour. Laura Mercier's Stickgloss is the perfect answer for you gals who are definitelymore Team Lipgloss than you are Team Lipstick, and occasionally want something a
little more grown-up and longer-wearing.

Laura Mercier Stickgloss cares for your lips while delivering colour in a sheer and sophisticated finish. Part Lip Balm, part Lip Colour and part Lip Glace, Stickgloss provides a sheer wash of colour, creates dimension and adds fullness to the lips.

(That's what she said. LOL. Seriously, check the website.)

You know how lipgloss can be sticky and make your lips a magnet for hair and flying debris? No such thing with the Stickgloss. Glides on, feels moist, and looks pretty. Must be that "part Lip Glace", whatever the heck that means.

$20/tube available at Sephora, Blue Mercury, Nordstroms and the like.
Overall, pretty good stuff. But it's no lipstick.

(This message paid for by Team Lipstick.)

* * *

*So who is Hawaii Margarette? That's incidental, but if she really wanna know, she's my glamazon bff who now lives in Hawaii not just because she's so freaking cool and cutting edge, but mainly because her hubby is from there and dragged her back home to Oahu after he made an honest woman out of her. But while you can take a glam city gal out of the glam city, you can't take the glam out of the city gal. (Wow, that was confusing, but you get it). She's worked in fancy retail and fancy cosmetics, and has always been my passport to sampling fancy products and other nice smelling stuff.

Now why do I brag about my Hawaii Margarette? Because, friends, I am telling you to go out there and get a Hawaii Margarette. Best part, you probably already have one. A friend that somehow gets access to products you can try out. Either because she works at a store or a mall, or constantly signs up for stuff and gets free samples in the mail, or maybe because she buys so much stuff that stores are throwing freebies at her. And because she's now got so much stuff, she's throwing stuff at you too!

If you're game (and don't have sensitive skin), I say try the stuff out, and let me know how it goes! I'd love to hear about your tales of ... well, stuff! And, special thanks to Hawaii Margarette for always throwing stuff my way. Together, we are doing a service to the makeup wearing community at large.

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