Thursday, May 19

Go Go's, Vacation, Record, 4th Grade

Matthew Morrison from Glee said that the first album he ever bought as a kid was Weird Al's Even Worse. Had to save up for weeks so he could buy the tape.

Aaah... first album memories.

Mine was Go-Go's Vacation, and my dad ordered it through one of those mail order companies that would send you eight records for a penny... plus exorbitant shipping & handling. (Technically this was not the first album I bought, but it was one that I picked out, and frankly, I'm pretty sure I had a penny in my piggy bank.)

I don't know how many days that summer that I sat on the lawn waiting for the mailman, worried he'd give up and leave if he couldn't fit the box of records in our mailbox.

And then finally.... after four to six weeks sufficiently rolled by... there it came. The box.

So... the question is What was your very first album?

What was the name of the album?
Who was the artist?
Was it on vinyl or cassette? Or CD?
How old were you?

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