Monday, February 14

Who In The World Is Esperanza Spalding?

OK Bieber Haters, bring it on.

But the Best New Artist Grammy winner is pretty damn awesome. Esperanaza Spalding (who?) deserved her award, fair and square.

I should point out that not only can the girl sing, she can play a mean bass, and has mad grooves. (That's official jazz-speak, folks.) If you don't know much about music, you should know that it is very very hard to play bass and sing at the same time. Just ask Sting.

So, yes Justin Bieber may be a great New Artist. But in the year of our Lord, two thousand eleven, someone else is better. Much better.


  1. So they should just change it to "Most Talented New Artist"? "Most Talented New Artist who At Least has a Record Contract Somewhere"? Will they start giving the award to the Ohio State Marching Band? If you don't have to show much popularity or public awareness to win, then I guess we can all win. Maybe my new youtube video should be eligible for an Oscar!

  2. Very clever! Good point, Anon!

    I'd back the OSU marching band in a heartbeat. But not if they can't compete against the likes of The Biebs.