Tuesday, December 14

Fake McDonalds (and other great lies from our childhood)

"I am making fake McDonalds for my son."

My friend Jeannette just posted that on Facebook.

Quit your yammering, kid!  Take your meal & BE HAPPY ALREADY! .... a scene from my future as a Great Mom.  lol"I save the happy meal box, etc. from the last time I actually went to McD's and before I pick him up from school, I cook my own chicken nuggets and french fries and put them in the McD's stuff. When he gets in the car I tell him that I went to McD's before I picked him up. As of now, he is almost 4 years old and buying this. I am sure I have a limited amount of time before he catches on. He does not eat anything except McD's, which grosses me out. So, on the days I don't feel like begging him to eat and standing on my head to try to get him to eat, I make him 'Fake McDonalds.'

(Oh! As for the toy in the Happy Meal, I take one he already has and put it in there and I say 'Oh well, we have this one already.' ")


I love it. It reminded me of all the times my own clever little mother creatively skirted around my requests for the latest toys or current fads. She'd nod her head yes to my face, and would then show up with something completely different. COMPLETELY different.

Banana clips? She'd get me two hair combs and say, "It's the same thing really."

White Reebok high tops? I got a pair of banana yellow ones in a size 9 because they were on sale at Marshall's. (Were they my size, you ask? I'm barely five feet tall, so my feet are nowhere approaching a size 9.)

Denim jacket? A grey cordoroy coat.

Black suede scrunched boots? Black suede combat boots.

Sure, sure, some of the alternatives were actually not bad... but when you're a kid and you just want to fit in, gifting me with something completely different kinda defeats the purpose.

Good thing about growing up, you eventually get over the ways your parents deceived you for your own good, and realize, ok, they didn't do it because they are evil heartless human beings. (Don't worry, Jeannette, I don't think your son will think that when the jig is finally up. Lol.)

And then it occurs to you that when you have kids someday, you might actually try to pull off the same form of "truth-bending".

And no harm done.

Well, except for the fact that it is damn hard playing kickball in high-tops that are four sizes too big.

Out with it... Bust your parents right here on my blog, and tell me great lies your folks told you when you were growing up!


  1. Ugh! You know why that kid eats only McD's? BECAUSE SHE GETS IT FOR HIM!!! I've never seen a 4 year old in the drive thru getting himself a Happy Meal...someone is feeding it to him! Guess what! Stop buying it, and he'll stop eating it! I guarantee he'll get hungry enough to eat something else. Grow a backbone, mom!!!

  2. To the post above: You should not be so judgmental about other parents. Obviously you have no children at all. As you do not know, raising a child is not so black and white. It is an extremely upsetting, frustrating and tiring process when your child does not want to eat. Maybe you need to grow something, but not a backbone!!!

  3. OK, well I think you missed the point Anon #1, lol, I was just pointing out how parents have to occasionally fib to do what's best for us, i.e. ends justifying the means. Not having kids myself, I believe that it is REALLY hard work, and there are lots of days when you can't pull off "Perfect Parenting"... with that being said, I would never try and make a statement about what goes on in other people's households, esp based on a funny facebook story (and esp not about my sweet adorable friend Jeannette!!)

    I think kids still beg for McDonald's whether or not they eat it all the time (and if not McD's, then a popular toy, a fave activity, whatev) -- I think if we're gonna start assigning blame, we should yell at those fabulous advertising people at McDonalds, and all the other kids at school that talk about their happy meal toys too. Don't worry Jeannette, I know you don't really feed your son McD's morning noon and night :)

  4. I work with someone whose son will only eat certain foods because he has some issues (learning, behavioral, etc.), so he will buy him McDonalds fries for dinner every single night. He eats those and other salty (and crunchy) foods, but that's about it (oh, and cheese pizza). He's extremely limited in his diet and it's literally part of his chemical makeup, there's nothing they can do about it, so either they give him the fries or he doesn't eat, which of course they would never want to do. That being said, I am a parent, and my fiance and I don't even want to introduce our daughter to that kind of food because it's so unhealthy. It's not food that my fiance and I eat, so it won't be food that she will eat; so there is that sense of "it's the parents' fault," because they are the ones buying it for the kids. I'm sure that argument will go on forever! Lol. But as far as lying to the kids, we haven't had any need to get into that yet, lol. I hope we don't ever need to. I don't remember my parents ever telling us any lies, unless I blocked them out, lol.