Thursday, December 9

Day #4 - Palmer Square's Gift Card Giveaway!

Voted Best Hair Salon in NJ Monthly's *Best in Jersey 2010* -- SALON PUREIt's Day 4 of Palmer Square's Gift Card Giveaway!

And today... you'll have a chance to check out THE BEST HAIR SALON IN NJ!

Today's Prize:

a $50 gift card for


In New Jersey Monthly magazine's roundup of the "Best in Jersey 2010", Salon Pure was selected as the BEST Hair Salon! Score today's $50 Gift Card to Salon Pure simply by posting today's Winning Phrase on Palmer Square's Facebook wall!


"I like PST & PSQ. My favorite holiday memory from the Square is..."

Easy to LOVE, but if you just LIKE them, you could score a $100 Gift Card!
Super-Easy Directions

1) Just go to Palmer Square Princeton's Facebook page and make sure you've already clicked the LIKE button...

2) Post the day's Winning Phrase on their wall with your personal answer... and you're automatically entered to win!

So copy & paste that RIGHT NOW! And don't miss out... TOMORROW IS THE FINAL DAY of the Week of Gift Card Giveaways... with a $100 Gift Card to Jazam's Toy Store!!

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  1. Sweet! Will check this out for sure - I'm in need of a haircut, haha!