Monday, July 19

They Don't Have An For That App

Ladies and Gentlemen, the iBeer.  Where you can get as iDrunk as you want.Just read about this blog from the NY Times with this awesome post called, "What Isn’t There an App For?" where people wrote in what stuff they'd love to see apps for ...

... where good folks like us wished for stuff like " an app that tells me the correct parking rules for the spot where I’m currently standing."

... Or "an app that maps out my grocery list in the supermarket to give me an optimized shopping path" -- I'd LOVE that... I hate nothing more than back-tracking to the produce when I'm in the home stretch! (No, I take that back, I still hate cilantro much much more)

... And definitely " an app to tell you “where the nearest and cleanest public bathroom is.” "

So, gentle (and not-so-gentle) readers... what else do they still need an app for?

May be a GPS app for the TV remote controls, with a fail-safe universal remote function built in??

A loud alarm app that sense when you're leaving the room without it?? (That could get annoying, but I'd never leave my cell phone behind again... even when I'm just heading into the potty.)

A literal app... that turns your phone into a plate of Pigs in a Blanket or Mini Quiche if you ever run out of hors d'oevres at a dinner party?

What do you think? Anything out there at all for which that you can't say "there's an app for that"?

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