Tuesday, June 22

Dumbest Game Ever

Uh, so what should I do next?Tic Tac Toe is like the first game a kid learns. Well, after Peek A Boo. But as early as I can remember, Tic Tac Toe was the first time I remember feeling the thrill of competition and strategem.

MWAHAHHAHA, I just laughed real hard re-reading that last paragraph.

C'mon. Tic Tac Toe is without a doubt, The. Dumbest. Game. Ever.

It's only enjoyable when you know you're gonna win because you're playing with some moron that doesn't get it. And it gets old pretty quick.

And in the realm of "games that keep you busy because technology hasn't been invented to pass the time during road trips", it's a quick leap to Hangman or Fences (i.e. Dots. Or Squares. Or whatever you called it.)

And those too get pretty tiresome after a quick while. I can't even believe people ever got into cars with the intention of driving more than five hours at a time, plopping unknowing small children into the backseats to endure the painfully boring journey. Someone please call Child Services!

Please add to the list, Eenie Meenie Miney Moe, Rock Paper Scissors and Duck Duck Goose.

Do people still teach these games to kids? Maybe we should outlaw them. Come up with new easy games for kids. Three Card Monty. Twenty-One. Juice Pong. Flip Cup.

At least those game come in handy later in life.

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