Wednesday, May 19

Television Bloodbath

::::sob sob sob::::Let's all take a moment right now to bow our heads to remember the fallen... the beloved television shows that have left us, will be leaving us, and have gotten the proverbial axe.

Holy Moses... there were many shows that are coming to end this season, for better or worse.

Here's the tally so far...

10 Items or Less
10 Things I Hate About You
Accidentally on Purpose
The Beautiful Life: TBL
Better Off Ted
Cold Case
Cougar Town (the name only. They’re probably gonna change the name)
The Deep End
Defying Gravity
Flash Forward
The Forgotten
Flight of the Conchords
Gary Unmarried
The Ghost Whisperer
Happy Town
Head Case
The Jeff Dunham Show
Law & Order
Melrose Place
Miami Medical
Michael and Michael Have Issues
The New Adventures of Old Christine
Past Life
Raising the Bar
Rita Rocks
Romantically Challenged
The Sarah Silverman Program
Saving Grace (ending summer, 2010)
Sons of Tucson
Three Rivers
’Til Death
Ugly Betty

Even Chuck was on the chopping block, but they NBC didn't get their cancellation in on time. (That's pretty crappy. It's like telling someone, I was gonna dump you, but I missed the opportunity.)

I'm not too upset. I was really only behind Better Off Ted & Lost. But I'm getting a sufficient Lost ending, so it's ok. I'd gotten off of 24, Flash Forward & Heroes long ago, so no love lost there. However, I am pissed off about Melrose Place, because I really loved it.

It's like, NOW WHAT?

What's gonna happen to TV now? All reality shows? All live competition shows? Will I really be saying that I only watch CW & Showtime?

Here's what's left on my TV plate (excluding any pay-cable or basic cable show, or reality/game show)

+ House

+ Desperate Housewives

+ How I Met Your Mother (which I did not watch at all this season because I missed the first ten episodes and decided to wait for the DVD)

+ 30 Rock (which I only watch either online or On Demand)

+ CSI: Miami (see above)

So I guess I really only watch House & DH. Oh oh oh and of course my soap, One Life to Live. After those, then add in 90210. Dexter. Nurse Jackie. Then all the reality & DIY shows I watch, which I guess is only Real Housewives NJ, Clean House, & Sarah's House (Canadian interior designers are the bomb, ay.)

That's pretty sad actually. Is big network broadcast TV just gonna give up?

What thinkest ye? What shows should've gotten the axe? Which ones should've been spared? What would you like to see next?

I'd love to see a comedy-drama-mockumentary about people that work in radio. But it should absolutely NOT be a musical.


  1. I am really upset about The Deep End, it was a great, quirky show, Heroes makes me sad but less angst for me, Mercy was great and ended with a cliffhanger! Miami Medical was a really good show and I LOVE Numb3rs :(

  2. I'm sad about Ghost Whisperer. :-(

  3. Mercy and Trauma were really good shows! Also loved 'Til Death but it got weird because 4 different girls are playing the daughter. I hope they make some new shows to replace all these.