Monday, May 10

Star Struck. Literally, almost.

Actor depicted.  Not actual John Nash.I was driving through Palmer Square the other day to pick up Mom's Day gifts (ok, so the Lindt truffles would end up being mine when no one was looking, but that's not the point.)

Anyhoo, a guy decided to finally dart across the street just as I was close enough to hit him, and just as I was rolling down my window to scream the instinctive, "What the hell was that, a##hole?!" -- I realized the old guy was John Nash. As in A Beautiful Mind John Nash. Although, remember, this is real life and he's older, so he looked nothing like Russell Crowe.

Now, as cool as that is, if you frequent Princeton boro, chances are you've seen him too, and I've often wondered if it's ok to walk up to him and say hello. I'm sort of afraid to. Not just coz I think he might ignore me because he'll think he's imagining me (have you seen the movie?) but also because I kinda get panicky when it comes to famous people.

Anybody have any good Famous People stories? Were they nice? Were they cool? Were YOU cool? Did you make a fool out of yourself, or did you have a cool conversation with them?


  1. I was on a Southwest flight from San Antonio to Tampa with OJ Simspon. I sat as far away as possible. Thank goodness there is no assigned seats! Guess he was hurting for money because it was an $89 Wanna get away fare!

  2. I met many famous people and i just go right up to them and talk to them. its not that scary and they are usually sweet. I was on south street and saw artist vs poet in there car and walk right up to them to say hi. they were nice as can be