Friday, May 14

The Proof about Anti-Copy Copies

So. Messy.  I am a skeptic.

Actually, that's not true. I'd say for the most part, I tend to be gullible. But when I hear pop culture rumors, I don't NEED to see proof. I LIKE to see proof.

What's the difference?

I've played Michael Jackson's records backwards (for which my dad still COMPLAINS about to this day and that was like a hundred years ago.). I've experimented with Mentos & soda. (Messy, by the way.) I've also used hairpray to get ballpoint ink out of clothing (Totally works.)

So, this morning, on the PST Entertainment Buzz... I hear that the paranoid people behind the Sex & The City movie have put the scripts out on paper that cannot be scanned or copied. So, like a watermark? Big deal, they've had that on bank checks for years.

Well, of course I needed to see this. I Googled, and here's what I found:

OK, so that is pretty cool. If you care to read about the science behind this technology, go ahead, knock yourself out. It was beyond my level of comprehension, but the pics sure were interesting, huh?

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