Friday, May 7

Nervous Habits & the ATM

You always hear conventional wisdom about using an ATM.




And, so any time I'm at the ATM, I am like a one-woman hygiene & crime-fighting battalion.

I watch out for sketchy characters near, around, before me, and after me when I'm at the ATM. When I walk back to the car, I make sure no one's crawled in my trunk/backseat/underneath the car/underneath the dashboard/thru the stereo. I try and make minimal skin-to-ATM contact, carry anti-bac gel, and always make sure the person behind me isn't close enough to see pin numbers or balances and that there aren't suspicious plastic strips trapping my debit card in the slot.

I get through my transactions in lightning speed, put card/cash/receipts in wallet in one fell swoop as I walk briskly away from the machine.

But here's something I realized today as I was walking away from a well-lit, deserted, reputable and safe ATM:


LOL hahahah

What the heck is wrong with me? In all of that media-fed paranoia (most of it from my conspiracy-theorist mother) -- I worry about everything else but whether or not the machine counted correctly.

So just wondering -- do you have any silly ATM habits? And am I the only one that throws the crisp 20's in my wallet and makes a dash for it?

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  1. My ATM is a drive-thru one, which is great, because I don't feel vulnerable, but I also go during the day so that it's not dark and scary. The one thing that might be weird to others is that I use a piece of tissue when I have to touch the buttons. I try to avoid ALL contact with the ATM, and when I get the money out, I immediately put it away and then Purell once or twice. I hate touching money but thank goodness for hand sanitizer! :)