Monday, May 17

The Afterlife of Miss USA

Rima Fakih is a 23 year-old college grad from Michigan who is now Miss USA 2010.

And now wonder, this girl is gorgeous, and probably brilliant.

She plans on going to law school after her year of Miss USA-ishness comes to a blazing halt. And why not, isn't that exactly what cerebral neo-Feminist gals say these days, they only do the pageant circuit for the scholarship money?

OK, so please picture this: This gorgeous girl in law school. Then becoming a lawyer. And then becoming YOUR lawyer.

"Hi I'm Rima, I'm a former Miss USA and Miss Michigan, and I'll be representing you in court today."

And what about the other gals? If they don't get ensconced in scandal and wind up making a living off of reality show appearances, how does a former pagent holder go about getting a job?

Does Mrs. America stand in line at unemployment with the other schmmoes?

And how does a job interview go?

"Ok, Miss... Miss... Oklahoma. OK, so I see you here on your resume that you're MCSE certified. Nice. Oh, quite a history with software programming... good. Oh, and you've won Miss America, interesting. So, what's that crown like, is it heavy?"

Would I ever be at a doctor's appointment getting my blood pressure checked and insisting that the nurse looked REALLY familiar? No one's ever non-chalantly blurted out to me, "Oh ha ha ha, yeah, it's probably because I was Miss Universe in 1994."

Yeah, that's not awkward.

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