Friday, April 23

Flat Stanley in the Mail

Anybody hear of this kid's book called Flat Stanley?

Apparently, in the story, this kid gets "flattened" after a blackboard falls on him (yeah, I know, morbid) BUT! Now he's able to travel the world by sticking himself in envelopes and mailing himself around the world!

Hazzah! I see a bright future for the USPS!!!

Anyhow, my cousin who lives Florida has a son who is doing a "Flat Stanley" project for school, and now her flattened child has arrived in my mailbox.

The cool part about being here in Jersey is the many places I can take the flat kid. Here are a few I'm toying with, some "better known" landmarks:

Night at the Museum, anyone?

NY Public Library

Motownphilly back again!

View from the Observation Deck at the ESB

If Rocky can do it, so can a flat child

Am I missing any good places around here that are easy to get to, not a fortune to get in to, and would look fun for a kid?

Oh, and definitely this building on Princeton Univ campus -- the one they use for "House"... someone's mom or dad is likely to be more impressed...


  1. What about your radio station? I know when my daughter did Flat Stanley, she wanted him to see inside everybody's "work". Stanley sitting in front of the microphone is a neat image for a kid.

  2. Maybe Adventure Aquarium, like in the spot with the hippos? Or even the Battleship New Jersey, which is right near the Adventure Aquarium.

    I agree with what Donna said, it doesn't have to be a landmark, necessarily, just something different/neat.

    P.S.-I LOVED the book Flat Stanley and I think the project is so cute! :)

  3. Two other cool, local (to PST and in *NJ*!) places: Einstein's house and Nassau Hall